Consequences of Drinking

Various Effects of Drinking While Underage

One’s brain suffers from the negative effects of alcohol. The growth and development comes to a halt and the capacity for memory decreases. Not only does it affect one’s memory but also the attention span. One becomes easily distracted and loses focus constantly.

One can become an alcoholic later within their lifetime. It has been said 40% become involved in alcoholism.

By consuming certain alcohol, one’s sexual behavior increases and becomes a danger to oneself and others. As the sexual behavior increases, the rates of rapes and sexual abuses become apparent. Proven by statistics, most college students who have behavior or social problems are involved with some sort of alcohol.

Deaths from car fatalities caused by drinking and driving increases by the number of consumption of alcohol. One’s senses become less awake and active and they react slowly to everything. Their judgements thus become clouded by the alcoholic consumption.

Drinking alcohol can also lead one into depression or less stable mental state. While falling into depression, it has been stated in this passage that these depressed people end up committing suicides.

While consuming alcohol, one becomes more vulnerable to other disorders, drugs, or tobacco.

– Om Shiva Arogya Dham